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Making the decision to seek counseling is a HUGE move towards building the life you want to live, and you've made that move by coming to my website; welcome! I'm glad you're here. "Shopping around" until you find the right therapist for you is incredibly important; just like with any other healthcare professional, you need to feel safe and comfortable talking to your therapist about what's going on with you. The more you're able to open up to your therapist, the easier it'll be for you to team up and work through the problems you're dealing with - so the best therapist is going to be the one who's the best fit for YOU - the one who really "gets" you.

I'm the kind of counselor who's going to put YOU first. Let's face it - nobody's more of an expert on your life and what's going on with you than you, right? So YOUR goals, YOUR needs and YOUR priorities are what it's all going to be about in our work together. I won't hesitate to challenge you, to ask hard questions, and to encourage you to push against your comfort zone - but no matter what challenges you face, I'll be right beside you to help you navigate them.

Whether you're dealing with depression, anxiety, or a big transition in your life - anything from going back to school to getting married to coming out queer to starting a new job - yeah, I've been there, and I can work with you to navigate your emotional upheaval and your transitions so you'll be a little less alone.

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Everyone fails at who they're supposed to be... The measure of a person, of a hero, is how well they succeed at being who they are.

Frigga - Avengers: Endgame